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“Livestock and meat are our livelihood, not just a hobby”

PT Farm is a family owned and operated beef and hog farm. Here at PT Farm, all meat sold is raised and processed right here in the twin states of New Hampshire and Vermont. Although we process for others at our own USDA inspected plant in North Haverhill, NH, our primary goal is to produce and supply the freshest and best tasting meat in New England. We cut and grind meat daily to ensure the freshest product for you, our customer.

Welcome to PT Farm

PT Farm is a family owned and operated livestock farm.  We crop over 400 acres of land in the Connecticut River Valley of Bath, NH to provide forage for our herd.  We generally feed about 500 head of cattle, 600 head of hogs, and 100 sheep in various stages of growing and finishing in order to keep pace with the weekly demand for our fresh, local meat. We have our own USDA inspected processing plant in N. Haverhill, NH, where we employ the best meat men and women in the North Country. They ensure you receive your order just the way you want it.

Through our vertical integration of production and processing, we are able to maintain a constant supply of local beef and pork. Our beef is finished to a choice grade, and although we do not have a USDA grader to certify it, you can nearly always expect steaks with modest or better marbling each time you order.
We offer our product fresh or frozen, and we cut and grind meat every day of the week. We also have a small outlet store located at the plant in North Haverhill for retail sales 6 days per week.
We (Pete and Tara Roy, along with our 5 kids: Calvin, Madeleine, Dory, Gabriel, and Rose) look forward to meeting you!

Frequently Asked


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How does PT Farm define local?​

PT Farm defines local as both sides of the Connecticut River, meaning raised and processed in New Hampshire or Vermont. As mentioned previously, we raise quite a few animals ourselves, however we cannot always keep up with demand for our product or we may not have exactly what our customer is looking for. It is at these times that PT will purchase animals from a select group of farmers located in the twin states.
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What makes your local meat different?

Unlike many local farmers selling meat, we are the producer and the processor. This allows PT Farm to offer you the freshest meat possible and keep our prices competitive with commodity beef. The meat never sees packaging until it is delivered to you, our customer. Although we do not have a grader on site, you can expect to receive meat which would grade choice or better, restaurant quality! Good meat, grown local!

Download Our Cut Sheets

Our cut sheets are available below. It is helpful for you to bring your cutting instructions to the plant when you are dropping off your animals for processing. This enables our meat cutters and packers to take a look at your instructions prior to the date of processing and call with any questions. The gang at PT Farm wants to process your order in a timely fashion just the way you like it. Pork is usually processed the day after slaughter, while beef is left to hang approximately 10 days.

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