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How does PT Farm define local?​

PT Farm defines local as both sides of the Connecticut River, meaning raised and processed in New Hampshire or Vermont. As mentioned previously, we raise quite a few animals ourselves, however we cannot always keep up with demand for our product or we may not have exactly what our customer is looking for. It is at these times that PT will purchase animals from a select group of farmers located in the twin states.
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What makes your local meat different?

Unlike many local farmers selling meat, we are the producer and the processor. This allows PT Farm to offer you the freshest meat possible and keep our prices competitive with commodity beef. The meat never sees packaging until it is delivered to you, our customer. Although we do not have a grader on site, you can expect to receive meat which would grade choice or better, restaurant quality! Good meat, grown local!
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What types of meat do you sell?

We sell all beef and pork cuts and depending on the season, we also have lamb and veal cuts available. We also offer a line of locally smoked products to include an amazing maple cured bacon. Another favorite of our customers is our special recipe breakfast sausage…sure to become a favorite of yours as well!
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How is meat delivered to my restaurant?

Our PT Farm refrigerated trucks deliver meat throughout the twin states of NH and VT, as well as eastern MA and the coast of ME. We also work with distributors who take our specialty cut product to New York and Boston. We can arrange to add you to our weekly delivery routes or connect you to one of our distributors.
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Can I specify the cuts of meat I order?

Yes. Let us know if you have special preferences and we can accommodate most requests. If you want to order by IMPS number, we can do that. If you are unfamiliar with the IMPS or simply want something cut a special way, we can do that also. We are large enough that we reap some efficiencies of scale, but we are still small enough that you can call us to discuss your order with someone who will be directly involved in cutting it.
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What do you sell at your store?

We often sell our quality meat to high end restaurants and stores. However our retail outlet serves the same high quality meat to the public so you can bring it home to your family. Our store offers various cuts of beef and pork, burgers, smoked bacon and ham, sausage, farm fresh eggs and local milk from Hatchland Dairy.
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What can I tell my customers about the meat on our menu?

Today there are a lot of questions and misconceptions with regard to meat products. Is it organic? Do you use antibiotics? Are your animals grass fed? Are your animals humanely processed? These are good questions that are worth answering. First of all let me tell you that while PT Farm meat tastes great, it will not save your life. Our animals are not organic, nor are they exclusively grass fed. At PT Farm, we do not have enough lush green grass (or enough growing season) for our NH fields to flourish and finish our beef. Therefore our animals are finished on a ration that includes hay or haylage, corn silage and 3 1/2 lbs of grain/day. In comparison with western beef which is finished with about 75% of their ration as grain, we feel this small amount of concentrates helps our animals finish to a choice quality grade. As for antibiotics, we believe that it is a humane practice to treat ill animals. Antibiotics administered have withholding times that are strictly adhered to in order to ensure that animals that are processed result in meat without medicine residue. As part of our USDA inspection process, animals are randomly selected for testing. If animals are positive for drug residue the animal is discarded and the farmer may be penalized. That being said, it is quite rare that animals are treated at all. With regard to humane processing, our plant was engineered (in particular the barn/holding areas and slaughter chute) after careful review/research from some of the country’s leaders in animal welfare. Our plant is designed to minimize animal discomfort and optimize the safety of our employees. These are complex subjects that cannot be answered fully in a paragraph. For further questions with regards to PT Farm practices, feel free to contact us.

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